The Perfect Christmas Gift

Oh, the festive season is upon us and while the thoughts of Christmas movies (namely Elf and Love Actually), baking gingerbread men, putting up Christmas trees and driving around to look at all the beautifully decorated houses makes you feel warm and fuzzy, the stress of having to buy gifts for all your nearest and dearest is not so much fun.

Instead of sweating through the shopping centre crowds and just buying more ‘stuff’ that you don’t really need, how about this year you and your family vow to consciously consume by shopping small and supporting local. Be the change you wish to see in the world and spoil yourself or someone else with a mass + muster gift box. Not only are these gift boxes better for you, the products inside are better for the environment and better for the home. Not only that, a portion will go to our affiliated charity One Girl, helping to educate girls in Africa. Now that’s a meaningful Christmas gift. Read on for our top four gift boxes to help spread the Christmas cheer this year!

Better for You Gift Box

We are all trying to better ourselves along this journey we call life and this gift box is the perfect place to start. A Christmas gift that will allow the receiver to start the new year making changes for the better. A Christmas present fit for your mum, boss, bestie, sister and anyone special in your circle who likes to be the best version of themselves. Including four fantastic pieces sans single use plastic, that are made to use again and again and again, in your daily routine, assisting the world’s war on waste. Our favourite piece in this box is the chic ceramic coffee cup, so stylish you will want to use it over a takeaway coffee cup every day of the week. Click here to find out what else comes in our ‘Better for You’ gift box.

For Her Plastic Free Gift Box

Forget the self-shame of how much unnecessary stuff you end up buying during the festive season and instead purchase your favourite friend the ‘For Her Plastic Free’ gift box – guilt free (all because you won’t be adding to the world’s waste problem). This gift box is to be put under the tree for the wonder woman in your life who needs to slow down and have a bath, light a candle, slap a face mask on, lather herself in artisan body soap while brushing her teeth with a bamboo toothbrush – safe in the knowledge she is doing her bit to help save her sanity, and our world. Click here to find out exactly what’s included in our ‘For Her Plastic Free’ gift box.

Green Living Gift Box

This box is the one you want to wrap up for your eco warrior friend, the one who is the first to turn up to climate change strikes and the one who looks disapprovingly at you when you order a coffee without your keep cup. On the other hand, it’s perfect for the friend who wants to make a change for the better but doesn’t know where to start. The Green Living Box will help the lucky recipient to think twice about where products come from AND where they end up because the current and future state of the Earth does begin and end with us and the effort we put into implementing small changes to our daily lives. Click here to find out what’s included in our ‘Green Living’ gift box.

For Her Indulge Gift Box

This gift is for someone that needs a little extra self-love this silly season, a gentle reminder that making the effort to slow down, relax and indulge doesn’t have to be a block of chocolate and a bottle of wine (which happens way too often the month of December!) It can be the often forgotten act of pampering using the all natural and eco-friendly, sustainable products hidden inside this package, ready to make you or whoever you wrap this up for, feel like 24k magic gold dust. The most indulgent gift box that allows you to unwind without the wine. Click here to find out what else comes in our ‘For Her Indulge’ gift box to see what soul sister this would suit best.

Tis the season, the season to give for the greater good.

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