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Welcome to mass + muster, a brand for women, built by women.
We want you to join us on our crusade to educate and encourage women to use sustainable and environmentally friendly products in everyday life. The time is now, we need to look after our precious planet and there are small changes that are easy to make that will greatly benefit the state of our Earth.

mass + muster was born out of the desire to gather and package up quality and locally made products
and share them with the special women in our lives. Our ethos is to support and care for each other by introducing 100% natural brands that you may not be aware of, by doing our bit to reduce waste and toxins in the personal care products we share, including items that are recyclable and re-usable and by providing a platform for women to collaborate and inspire one another.

Our mass + muster gift boxes are carefully curated with organic, plant based, toxin free natural skincare
and home products, to make it easier for those that want to make a change, and want to be kinder to their bodies and to the Earth. Mostly handmade and made from the heart, we love to support local and small businesses and work carefully with like-minded souls who create sustainable cosmetics.
You won’t see mass-produced brands in our boxes!

These aren’t just gift boxes that are bound to make your mother, sister, aunty, daughter, best friend, or work colleague smile with gratitude. They are more than that. These are gift boxes for the greater good. mass + muster is proud to support One Girl, a non-profit organisation that harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. We are donating 5% of our profits each year to One Girl because education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, and to creating a sustainable planet.
Right now 130 million girls around the world aren’t in school, simply because they were born a girl. But we’re working to change that. One Girl believes that EVERY girl has the right to an education, no matter where she’s born, how much her parents earn, what her culture says, or what religion she adheres to. Every girl has the right to grow, learn, and be the best she can be. We are so privileged in Australia, it’s easy to forget about the women and girls who don’t have their basic needs met.
It’s time we invested in ourselves and the ones we love, and all it takes is a simple act of kindness to improve one’s wellbeing, be gentler on the environment, support small and local and give back to humanity.

Who are we

We are two sisters bound not just by blood, but by our vision to support local, shop small and to embrace
all that we are as women on this rollercoaster we call life. We want to share our passion
of ethical and eco-friendly products that are handmade with natural ingredients from the Earth.

Simone comes from a background of finance and after throwing in her role as a partner in a firm,
has followed her passion and set her sights on her own business based in Melbourne, dedicated to finance advice and support.
“Starting my own finance business was a big risk, but a calculated one. As is a gift box business, Bec and I know this area is a saturated one. However, I believe business should have goals, and purpose. And contributing to those in terms of what we can achieve outside of our own personal goals, will speak for itself.” – Simone

Bec is a mum of two young ones, is at the helm of a franchise business on the Gold Coast and loves to be behind the lens, dabbling in photography when her schedule permits. mass + muster was born out of a desire to start a family based business and a side hustle they were passionate about.
“We haven’t created this brand to just be about what’s important to us, but to be about women in business, women treating themselves and each other, and women hoping to learn more about sustainable living. Including us!.”  – Bec

We invite you to come on the mass + muster journey with us, walk a little lighter and learn a lot.
We would be thrilled to hear from you, and are always on the lookout for sustainable brands
and products you think would be perfect for us to share with the women of the world!

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