Why should you give gifts in business? 


You might be asking, why is corporate gifting important and should I implement it in my business strategy? Well we have the answer for you, YES it is important and YES you should and  

mass + muster can certainly help you out. Good business practice is to treat every client, partner, employee, like they are your only one.  

And while gifts can often times feel like bribes and are even discouraged in some cultures, we believe they will strengthen a relationship between you and your clients, customers and employees. But there is more than that, according to Keith Lipert of Corporate Gifts, it also: 

Creates mutual respect - the right gift shows the receiver you admire them and hold them in high regard.  

Establishes trust - it can help initially when two parties are about to embark on business together 

Sets a tone - It’s certainly no secret that when someone brings a gift it has a positive effect on the atmosphere and creates an encouraging mood. Resulting in the recipient to be more open to the exchange of ideas.  

Expresses gratitude - The most common reason to give a gift is to show appreciation and your gratitude for a job well done.  

Subliminal reminder - A gift can also act as a reminder to the recipient, a conversation starter, or a reason to follow up on an exchange.  

Tells your story - Lastly, it can help to get your point across, show your value proposition and help convey your story.  




CHOOSING the right corporate gift is important - you want it to be personal, yet professional, and not another hamper of jams and chutneys you wouldn’t use yourself. This is where we are changing the game and introducing unique items to gifting. From kitchen items to bathroom, to gifts for the home. We have items in stock for every area of people’s everyday lives.  

We offer bespoke packaging, so you can choose not only WHAT goes in your gift, but HOW the gift will look. We offer different sizes and colours of boxes, corporate tags, cards, and even cotton baskets for a gift that’s a little extra special. Pop your brand logo on the tissue paper, ribbon, thank you cards, stickers..... And you will leave a lasting impression on your client. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of corporate gifting for staff, clients, conferences, sales meetings and all type of business relationship. A gift landing on someones desk might just brighten someone’s day, in a really positive way.  


Don’t just leave gifting to the festive seasons, make your clients feel good today with a  mass + muster corporate gift.